This years Furnace Creek 508, make that the Trona 353.

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

First off we would like to thank those knuckleheads in Washington for the shut down of the Federal government. With the shut down it had a direct effect on this years race because of the closure of Death Valley National Park. The races uses no facilities in the park, it only travels through the park on a California state highway. It’s because this highway travels through the a National Park that the park has jurisdiction over it. So with that the FC 508 became the Trona 353.

Secondly I would like to thank (no sarcasm) Chris Kostman, the race director of Adventure Corps that puts on the 508 for a great event despite all the problems he was facing with the race route. Even though the race had to be shortened from its original legendary 508 mile, 35000 feet of climbing route, it was a great, fun event.

With 353 miles of road ahead and just over 17000 feet of climbing it would be an shorter easier route, or so we thought. Mother Nature had an entirely different idea about that, as she often does.

Race report to follow…….


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