We made it through the night.

Posted: October 9, 2011 in The 508

I had a horrible ride from time station 1 in California City. Started off very strong the first 35 miles of 70 then just had horrible stomach and leg cramp issues. I pushed through and was able to get to time station 2 in Trona 1 minute before 6:00 PM when the lights have to go on the bike. David took over for the next leg which is the longest at 99 miles and has tje biggest climb up and over Townes Pass and drops us into Death Valley. The weather has been perfect and David did an awesome job though he got really sleepy but was still able to pass a few riders on the last miles before the time station in Furnace Creek.  I was back on the bike out of Furnace Creek and was hoping all the special attention in my recovery would help, and it did. I left time station 3 in Furnace Creek at about 1:30 AM and felt great  right off the bat but didn’t push to hard till I got past Badwater, about 17 miles out. My leg was 73 miles and had a 20 mile climb up Jubilee and Shoshone Pass so I needed to leave some gas in the tank. I was able to ride it way faster then I thought I could and was able to redeem myself. At time station 4 in the town of Shoshone David took over and headef toward Baker 56 miles away. Stay tuned……

  1. Steve says:

    Keep pushing guys!

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