What’s the deal with the Jellyfish?

Posted: October 5, 2011 in The 508

So you are probably asking yourself, “What’s the deal with the jellyfish?”

Well…for the 508 you have to pick an animal that will be your totem. Once you have picked a totem and complete the race the totem will always be yours and you will use it each time you race. Here is what Chris Kostman says in regards to the totem for the 508.

“We don’t use numbers to identify racers in the Furnace Creek 508. How boring! How impersonal! Furnace Creek 508 uses animal totems to identify riders. Several 508 racers entered the race primarily to receive their totem. On more than one occasion, the race director was offered the full entry fee just to assign someone a totem, but without the intention of starting the race.” (Such requests are turned down. You have to start the race to make the totem permanent! In fact, effective retroactively in 2009, totems are NOT permanent unless the racer finishes.)

We chose the Iraconji since it is so stealthy , deadly and there is not a lot known about this interesting little invertebrate, plus it kinda has a cool sounding name. I had the idea for the artwork and did some sketches but Robin was really able to put it together. Then a friend of ours, Rachel Brandzel ran it through Photoshop and cleaned up the design even more. It came out perfect and will be displayed on our signage for our support vehicle.


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