“Adventure is worthwhile…”

Posted: October 3, 2011 in The 508

And now a word from David

I do not blog, I do not do Facebook and I have not done a race like the 508.  Therefore, this site and the event which is its impetus will be new ground for me in a lot of ways.

My riding buddy, Dave, has a no-fear attitude about all kinds of biking adventures and I really like that.  As he mentioned, when he first brought up the idea of doing the 508 I didn’t hesitate to accept the challenge because adventures have an intrinsic value all their own.  However, as we have ridden more rides/races together over the past year this one seems to loom bigger than most because of the sheer number of feet to be climbed, the unmatched harshness of the surrounding environment and the fact that it’s basically a five hundred and eight mile time trial where drafting and team tactics are not allowed.

Yes, it is that light!

Physically, I feel I’m in about as good of shape (as it relates to cycling) as I have ever been.   If it hadn’t been for a couple of wild incidents (a major medical issue and a bad crash), our LOTOJA team would have had a new personal best time this year.  Other centuries and “century plus” rides I have done this year have felt really good, but my sense is that this race is going to be more mentally challenging than physically challenging.  With a target time of just over forty hours to complete the ride, rest will be at a premium and the weather could play a major role in how we do, but mental toughness will be key.

I don’t know if this will be one of those adventures that turns into a repeated event, but my confidence is bolstered by Dave due to his intimate knowledge of the mechanics of this race and having had some really good rides/races under my belt this year before we go out and tackle this beast.

As Aristotle said, “adventure is worthwhile…”


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