LOTOJA and a little more.

Posted: September 15, 2011 in The 508

The 7 of Us – 2011 LOTOJA finish

Logan Utah to Jackson Wyoming

1 day, 3 states, 206 miles, 10 guys

Just the 7 of us…..no, that’s what we called ourselves, “Just the 7 of Us” But there were 10 of us and so all day long we heard “Where’s the rest of you?” or “How come I see more then 7?”

LOTOJA 2011 "The 7 of Us"

We rolled out of Logan Utah 5:45 AM into the early morning darkness. Before long the sun broke over the mountains to the east I just wished at some point the head wind would break, it didn’t till late into the afternoon and it was a long time coming. We had a great ride, rode fast, riding time on my Garmin was 11:10 for the 206 miles. The ride however was not without trouble. We rode the climbs at out own pace then we would regroup at the top prior to making the decent. At the top of Salt River Pass the group was very broken up due to that section of the course is timed for KOM. Once at the top we topped off our water, ate some food and waited for everyone to regroup. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and…..and….and. We are missing 1, who are we missing? We all start looking around and hey where’s Curt, Curt, where’s Curt….”I passed him on the hill”, “Hey, I saw him before the bottom”, “We passed him about half way up”. “OK, let’s wait for him to show up” He never did. Somewhere down about half way up the hill Curt had started feeling bad so he got off his bike, drank some fluid, ate some food and continued to feel worse. Soon his arms were tingling and he was having a difficult time breathing. Now people were noticing him having a hard time and were coming to see if he was OK. Back at the top Tom had decided to send someone back down to see what was going on, Kennard volunteered to go. 45 minutes later Kennard made it back to the top and reported the Curt thought he may be having a heart attack. A PA(phycians assistance)was attending to Curt as an amubulance was rushing towards the scene. We decided to continue on to the next stop were we got word that Curt had been transported to the Hospital in Aspen Wyoming and was getting the medical attention he was in need of.


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