The Furnace Creek 508

Posted: September 14, 2011 in The 508

It all started about 10 years ago. I had heard stories about a bike race that made a big arc thru Southern California. Starting near Magic Mountain in Santa Clarita it worked its way north past Willow Spring Raceway and the wind farms in Tehachapi, It flew through Death Valley National Monument in the middle of the night, it climbed up and over and up and over mountains in the high desert with a leg searing 35’000 of elevation gain than finishing 508 miles later in 29 Palms a small desert town northeast of Palm Springs.


At first I was very curious but I had never known anyone that had ever attempted what seemed like an insane undertaking. I would occasionally tell friends about this strange race through the California desert but never did more than take an occassional peek at the website all the while thinking it would be really cool if someday I could attempt to ride in this race.

Jump ahead to 2004. I’m telling another one of my friends about this bizarre race. He’s intrigued as well by the race and we talk about it for a while. I get a call about a month later and this same friend ask me if I would like to be a crew member for a friend of his that is going to ride this crazy race, without a seconds hesitation I say “I’m in !”

After 5 years of being involved in The Furnace Creek 508 I approach my friend David Figgat, I tell him of the race and the crazy tails of crewing it for 5 years. I ask him, knowing he loves to cycle long distances, “Would you like to race The 508 as a two-man relay?” Without a seconds hesitation he says “I’m in !”


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